About Us

We are revolutionary in the rug industry - as you will see from the quality of the product and prices we set!

Gone are the days of sky-high prices (false discounting) and huge margins for rug retailers.

We set an extremely tight margin on our rugs and as a result, sell a high volume.

Our customers save and we benefit from the many people who are told that this is THE place to go for an impressive rug!

What we do well...

  • UNBEATABLE Quality
  • 100% NZ Wool
  • Made in Greece

Our Team

Our Team

We run our small family run business from our storage facility in Coolum Beach.

To talk with one of our friendly team members...

(07) 5353 6001



I initially saw this on the Etsy site and it took me a while to buy from there as I thought it was a scam, their prices were so crazy low and this website wasn't up yet. I have always wanted a flokati but they were always so expensive, but I bought a 2000gsm in the Snow White and I can't find words to describe how amazing it is, it is a real WOW factor when you walk in the living room. Thanks heaps!

Jess Barber (Kilcoy, QLD)

We bought a large 2.4 x 3.4 in the thickest type for our living room. We have 2 kids and were unsure about getting the snow white, but I gave them a call and they assured me it is not an issue as any marks are easy to clean due to it being natural or just cut the stain out. So far so good and we generally lie on the rug watching TV all together as well which is nice. We didn't get it as a 'show off' piece, but it really is a feature in our home now which everyone comments on which is great! We love it and will be getting another for the bedroom.

Teddy McMenamin (Bellevue Hill, NSW)

Have been looking for ages for a good shag rug but couldn't bring myself to spend the money when the time came as we needed the biggest size and it was around $1500 minimum in stores near us. I stumbled on this site and saw the price and jumped at it. Can't see how they make money but it's a winner and 10X better than the original rugs we nearly paid 10X as much for.

Ariana, R (Subiaco, WA)